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Photographer near me

Here you are, searching for a Photographer, scrolling through Facebook and Instagram looking for someone who can bring life to your vision & not break the bank. Not surprisingly, there are an infinite amount of amazing Photographers to select from that have a style that you find to be visually appealing, they have a great deal of followers & friends, a proven track record, and you've absolutely fallen in love with their work, but they're located in another city, state, or country for that matter, so, what do you do? Believe it or not, most people end up using this search engine that they swear by & you may have heard of it here and there: Google. You begin to type "Photographer", but four letters into spelling out the word, Google has swiftly determined that you're looking for a "Photographer near me". Immediately, you click, because that's precisely what you want &, besides, who wants to type out entire words or phrases nowadays anyway -- the agony of it all!

Anyhow, Google will generate a few options for you-- 4,190,000,000 options to be exact, but who's counting? You begin with Photographers in your immediate area or at least within a generous five to ten mile radius. After all, gasoline is not cheap these days & the cost of living continues to skyrocket. Nonetheless, you absolutely need a Photographer so you trudge through the variety of choices. You've made it through the first two pages and, of course, there are some Photographers who fit your budget, but their style clashes with what you've conceptualized to be your outcome. Conversely, there are Photographers that are outside of your budget, but they would be able to breathe life into your vision. You have decent options, but aren't in love with any of them. Now you're in a bit of a pickle because though you've found some pleasing styles through Google's search results that are within or around the amount you have set aside for photography services, you can't stop thinking about that photographer who is located in another city that you found through social media, whose work dazzles & exceeds the boundaries of what you've envisioned for yourself. So, what do you do?!

Personally, one of the first things that I mention to my clients is that photography is an investment into yourself. You want to be able to look at your images days, months, and years down the line & know that you made the best decision to hire that photographer who may have been located outside of your immediate area, but they were a damn, good choice! Hiring a photographer can be about getting someone to just "Knock out the pictures and save money", but hear me out: You want it to mean more than that! Ideally, you want to grow with your Photographer; You want to have a photographer that will be able to work with you on a variety of things over the years, whether it's an engagement, a wedding, an expanding family, a new look, a growing business, & more. You want your images to impress, be consistent, and tell a story, which is why it's important to hire not just any Photographer, but a Photographer whose work means something to you. So, I implore & encourage you to choose a Photographer because of what they bring to the table & how your thoughts can now be visualized in a captivating, stunning, and unique way, and remember that there are excellent options available to you that are willing to be fair, flexible, travel, shoot & deliver well beyond the results you'll get if you type into Google, "Photographer near me".

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