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Cogito Ergo Sum...


Emir Lake



My photography journey didn't begin with a fancy DSLR or a mirrorless camera -- it began with an iPhone 6.

I started out by taking pictures of random items on my bus ride into work. Eventually, I learned that I loved capturing photos at different angles to find the best way to highlight the subject. Over time, I upgraded cameras and began shooting people for fun -- and they loved my style & how the photos turned out. It wasn't long before I was booked to capture engagement and wedding pictures for clients across the Wilmington & Philadelphia region -- and I continue to love every second of it, especially now that my reach extends to the tristate area!

Outside of the obvious, I really enjoy saltwater fishing, random trivia, reading, and, most importantly, fighting for the rights of the disadvantaged and underserved. I believe in the judgment free exchange of ideas and thoughts and am inspired by the numerous conversations I have with people from varied walks of life each day. All of these things fuel me to present and be my best self in every situation.

Capturing stunning, timeless photos that not only tell a story, but, draw emotion from my clients is my aim. Let's work together to create moments that will last the test of time.

-Emir Lake

Unforgettable Moments

Photography has taken me all across the United States (Soon to be international) & has introduced me to some amazing individuals from varied walks of life. I've been fortunate enough to meet & photograph Misty Copeland, Master P, Jesmyn Ward, The Cast of A Different World, Dennis Rodman, Busta Rhymes, Monte Jordan, CM Punk, Angela Davis, Phylicia Rashad, Debbie Allen & many more. I never imagined meeting, let alone building a rapport w/ and photographing so many impactful and powerful people throughout the past few years. The power of my camera, strong relationships, and confidence in my craft has exposed me to many opportunities & I'm eagerly looking forward to what the future has in store for me!


In The Media

My work has been featured in numerous publications and news outlets, both locally and nationally. 

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